The OnLegs Agency Operate a Coaching OnLegs Panel

This panel is made up of Accredited Coaches who are specialist within a specific field .

In creating The OnLegs Agency it was important to Kate that the Agency had a team of specialised Coaches within their own specific area in order to offer the best service to clients.

The OnLegs Agency Coaching panel offers a variety of specialist areas from Group Coaching, Executive Coaching to Life Coaching and Sports and Nutrition.
The services are open to everyone from people maybe thinking about that next Career move, business owners thinking about the next opportunity and groups wanting to maximize performance.

If you are looking for a coach and are not sure what the next step is then The OnLegs Agency are confident we will match you to not just the best Coach but the right Coach for your needs.

Coaching services

What is Coaching With The OnLegs Agency?

Coaching with The OnLegs Agency is a Goal orientated, forward moving space in which you will be supported and championed every step of the way to achieve your Goal .

You will have the opportunity to look at your Habits, Beliefs, and Behaviours to examine if they are serving you to reach your Full Potential .

Goals can be anything from wanting to walk 5K to to becoming President ! We ask all clients to commit to the process of self development in order to facilitate growth.

What is Mentoring with The OnLegs Agency?

Mentoring with The OnLegs Agency will see you partnered with a Mentor specific to your field .
The perfect match between Mentor and Client ensures that you will reach your desired Goal through the use of various tools and exercises.

Mentoring can be offered in various areas such as HR, Retail, Company Culture, Project Management, Change Management etc.

Mentoring with The OnLegs Agency can help develop you and your team to take your business objectives to the next level .

At The OnLegs Agency We encourage our clients to Follow Your Arrow .

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Coaching services

1:1 Coaching

One to One Coaching is tailored to the individual Clients needs .

Your coach will help facilitate a space for you to explore your Goal and ways to help you achieve those Goals .

We would ask that you are open to learning new behaviours and seeing things from different perspectives in order to achieve what you have set out to achieve .

Your OnLegs Coach will offer you support and encouragement at all times, they will also hold you accountable to keep the process Moving Forward .

Your OnLegs Coach will always encourage you to Follow Your Arrow

Coaching services

Group Coaching

Group Coaching caters for groups of up to 10 persons at any one time.

Typically Groups choose common themes such as time management, delivery on time, team conflict , how to work remotely etc.

The group of attendees do not have to be a direct team , but they will work together via their group coaching program.

One of the common themes in group coaching is possible dysfunction within a group and the purpose of the coaching in this scenario is to find common ground and a united Goal in order to move forward and achieve results.

Your OnLegs Coach will always encourage you to Follow Your Arrow

Coaching services


Mentoring is a developmental process that can be offered 1:1 or as a group depending on the goal and the needs of the individual or team .

The OnLegs Agency has a number of Mentors available that come from a varied range of business backgrounds that bring specific experience and skills from their specialist area .

The purpose of Mentoring is to match the client with an industry expert so the client can develop within their chosen area .

Mentoring can be an extremely powerful results driven method of development, so Be prepared to Achieve those Goals.

Your OnLegs Mentor will always encourage you to Follow Your Arrow