About The Founder

Kate Rooney has been working within the Coaching and Retail Sector for over 20 Years.

Kates experience spans various sectors across European and Irish Markets at a senior level .

Kate now works as a Retail Consultant across Ireland and the UK, bringing her industry knowledge to clients to help increase Potential and maximize Performance.

Kate is an Accredited Performance Business Coach and uses her skills and Knowledge to bring Coaching to the Retail sector, an area that Kate is extremely passionate about as she wants to dispel the image that Coaching is only for high level executives.

Kate believes there is a need for Coaching and Consulting within the industry and works with management teams and business owners to look at different perspectives to increase Performance and deliver business objectives.

Kates Coaching and Retail experience give her a unique set of skills within the industry of Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring.

Who Are The OnLegs Agency?

The OnLegs Agency is a Panel of Expert Consultants, Coaches and Mentors. Our aim is to help you Achieve your Goals and reach your Full Potential.

There are two Legs (Pardon the Pun) to the Agency .
Retail OnLegs | A panel of Consultants.
Coaching OnLegs |A panel of Coaches and Mentors.

The OnLegs Agency has one Requirement and one Request from every client.

Requirement | Commitment to the Process
Request |We ask that you DREAM BIG.


Coaching OnLegs

Coaching OnLegs is a Panel of ACCREDITED Coaches specialising in all aspects of coaching from Business Coaching | Executive Coaching | Life Coaching | Career Coaching | Group Coaching etc.

All of the Coaches working with The OnLegs Agency are Fully Trained Accredited Coaches .
The OnLegs Agency works with both Personal and Business Clients.

An assessment is carried out to match you with the Best Coach for your needs.
The overall Aim is to achieve your Goals and reach your Full Potential.

We Encourage all clients to DREAM BIG !


Retail OnLegs

Retail on Legs is a Panel of Consultants and Freelancers covering everything from Business planning , Category Management , Human Resources , Change Management, Training and Development , Customer Journey planning, Company strategy & Culture amongst other things .

The panel was setup to help Business reach their full potential by having the help and support that they need .

A full assessment of your Business needs will be carried out in order to match you with the best possible Consultant for what you require .

We Encourage all clients to DREAM BIG!