Speaking + Workshops

Kate is a Memorable Speaker

Kate is a seasoned public speaker who knows how to meet the clients' needs. She has over a decade of experience in delivering engaging and impactful presentations. Booking Kate for your event will be a smooth and hassle-free process.

Kate offers three signature talks that you can find below, but she can also create and deliver custom talks according to your specific requirements.

Kate's style is High-Energy, unique, memorable, and full of practical takeaways.

To book Kate for your event, please get in touch. She can deliver her talk online or in person, depending on your preference.


'Join us for our "Follow Your Arrow" workshops at The OnLegs Agency Studio. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the launch of this thrilling workshop series.'

In a world of brown doors why not paint yours RED.

Speaking + Workshops

Brand Aid

50 Minute talk + Q&A

Kate's most popular talk is Brand Aid.

The goal of this talk is to motivate the audience to rethink the art of personal branding in a fresh and exciting way.

Kate uses the power of storytelling to create a space that offers a unique perspective on this topic. And just like all great personal brands, it promises to be memorable and distinctive.

In a world full of Brown Doors, why not Paint Yours Red?

Speaking + Workshops

Coaching In Action

50 Minute Talk + Q&A

Coaching In Action is a program for leaders and managers who want to enhance their communication skills and foster a collaborative work environment. In this session, you will learn how to use effective coaching tools to understand your team's needs and goals, and to guide them towards success.

This session is interactive and engaging, and it will challenge you to reflect on your leadership style and practices. You will also gain practical insights and tips that you can apply immediately in your workplace.

Speaking + Workshops

Personal Responsibility

50 Minute Talk + Q&A

Personal Responsibility is a universal concept that applies to every being on the planet.
Kate's Talk on Personal Responsibility might be suitable for your audience if they can answer YES to these questions:
- Do you interact with people?
- Do you want to be more productive?
- Do you want to be happier?
Personal Responsibility is not an easy or attractive topic, as we often look for simpler alternatives.
This talk might challenge your comfort zone, but it is worth listening to.

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